Tall Stories

dinosaur.jpgLets write a story together B2. Write 1 line and leave your name at the end.

Once upon a time there lived a short meat eating dinosaur named Bob. [Mr Lietze]
Bob is green, scaly and has really bad breath. [Georgia]
Bob has a big tail and two bulgy eyes. Bob is friendly to Simon the T-rex[Jacob]
Bob is mean and grumpy and eats peas and bananas. [Jack]
Bob has very very stinky breath. [Millie]
Bob lives in a forest in a dark cave. [Isaac]
He often gets angry because the birds wake him up in the morning. [Ketsia]
This forest is full of growing trees and there is a grizzly bear who is mean and scary. [Caitlin]

One cold Saturday morning Bob finally awoke from his sleep and wobbled out of his cave to find Simon the T-rex. [Mr Lietze]
When Bob saw Simon they both put a smile on their face. [Rosalind]
Simon the T-rex was playing a trumpet he found in a bush. Bob could see a huge hairy spider crawling into the trumpet. [Mr Page]
When Bob saw the spider he screamed, and red hot flames shot out his mouth, scorching the spider. (Maddison)
Simon dropped the muddy trumpet and ran back though the scary forest to his dark safe cave. [Caitlin]
Bob looked for the muddy trumpet. He wanted to play it. [Daniel]
Bob was funny. He was bright and Simon was his favourite friend. [Caleb]
So he reached down and picked up the trumpet. He decided he was going to clean it for Simon and return it to him. [Mr Lietze]